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Barycentric solar effects

5 August 2014

I did some earlier posts on Rhodes Fairbridge and the barycentre of the solar system – which is not always within the body of the Sun. The orbit of the Sun has a distinct cycle around the barycentre according to Fairbridge – and one that is close to 100,000 years. This cycle is not mentioned in this link … www.uvs-model.com/WFE_on_sunspots.htm … but it does add an even more intriguing idea to the mix. Not only are the planets moving around the barycentre of the solar system but our Sun is moving around the galactic centre of the Milky Way – 'all celestial objects rotate and revolve in vortical motion with resonated precession effects' we are told. The Sun vortically revolves around the dual core barycentre of the solar system which is the vitual centre of mass  of the heliosphere dominated by our Sun, while the BOTSS in the heliosphere vortically contrasts with the Sun to exchange angular momentum with all the satellites of the Sun. This in turn gives rise to sun spots on the photosphere of the Sun.

This is a big article and I can hardly do it justice in a short report but it leads up to a remarkable idea. When the barycentre moves ouotside the Sun itself the south magnetic pole points through its north pole as usual. However, the situation changes when it starts to move back into the Sun. The magnetic pole flips – and this renders the phenomenon of the magnetic reversal of the Sun.

Later, on page 5 of 10, it reads, 'the phenomenon of the solar jet stream is rendered by a vortrex of its polar vortex manifested in a vortical system, it is rendered by the polar vortex interacting in the photsophere. The solar jet stream is important as it appears to trigger sun spots, and again, the high speed spin of plasm jet streams is vortical motion within the corona and can explain why the corona is much hotter than the actual surface of the Sun. Charged particles projected by the Sun eventually moe around the inner wall of the heliosphere to vortically circulate back into the Sun.

Unfortunately, the link to www.uvs-model.com is currently out of action. Reason unknown.


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