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Cyprus and Peoples of the Sea

17 August 2014
Ancient history

At www.q-mag.org/cyprus-salt-lakes-exonerate-peoples-of-the-sea-causing-the… … there is a post taken from a 2012 article (a link to the pdf version is provided) which revolves around salt lakes near Larnaca. They have discovered evidence of drought and dry weather that lasted several generations, by analysing sediments from the lakes. The lakes were once a sea harbour – and have silted up. Hence, it seems environmental change was the trigger for the Bronze Age collapse (or that is what the authors of the research seem to think). A change of 2 degrees celsius in temperature is thought to have prevailed across the northern hemisphere. The outcome of that is that if sea temperatures dropped as indicated, less water evaporates and there is less rain to fall, and those regions relying on the seasonal monsoon, for example, are at a disadvantage.

Thinking outside the article – what might have caused the climate to change. It is merely assumed the same feature that caused the Little Ice Age a few hundred years ago were to blame for the end of LB age climate reversal. Well, the little ice age is normally blamed on an inactive Sun – a lack of sun spot activity. We currently have a less active Sun yet there is no evidence of a sharp downturn in climate. What does a solar minimum do? We might soon find out.

There was something else going on in the 16th and 17th centuries – an active sky. Comets and heavy meteor showers were fairly common. These might even have fueled the witch persecutions. So, is the clue in the reference to the star of Anat falling just before the LB downturn, what brought it all about?

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