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John Daly

8 September 2014
Climate change

At http://quadrant.org.au/opinion/doomed-planet/2009/11/john-l-daly/ … Australian John Izzard looked back on the world's first blogger to get serious about the global warming scam. John Daly was born in Bournemouth and served in the merchant navy as a radio operator – and later migrated to Australia for a better life. Like Peter Warlow of SIS he was totally unimpressed by the Greenhouse Theory. At http://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2014/09/06/john–izzard-a-retrospective-o… … having visited the small office Daly had on the outskirts of Launceston in Tasmania which his wife has kept intact and just as he left it when he unexpectedly died in 2004, Tall Bloke has drawn attention to the importance of Daly from the sceptic point of view – and why the global warming climate scientists were so keen to shut him up. Daly was an irritant, continually finding fault with climate science papers and prognostications. He questioned the science relentlessly – and had them rattled on a number of occasions. He was active when the world was not paying a lot of attention to what was going on and yet even then the activists were stealing a march by weaving a web which gave them access into every nook and cranny of the state apparatus in various countries of the western world. Most sceptics were off the radar until the Hockey Stick moment – and at that moment a light bulb came on in a lot of heads. Basically, it overturned all the research of earlier climate scientists – people like HH Lamb.

It is difficult to avoid politics when you reach this point but let us just say that people from all political points of the compass were involved and there is just one common denominator – money. Lots and lots of luvlie money. Lubbly jubbly sack fulls of the stuff.

The climategate emails didn't help the cause and neither did the dump of global warming white out during the Copenhagen bean feast. We were told our children would not know what snow was – but this was followed by a raspberry from Mother Nature (a series of cool winters). We are now being told the hiatus in global warming is caused by all kinds of unlikely things – all manner of different excuses have appeared so far. Now we hear they are going to claim the polar vortex (the cold blast from the Arctic) is actually all to do with global warming. You have really got to be solid bone from the neck upwards to fall for that one.

How ingrained is the meme. Well, somebody asked the Foreign and Commonwealth Office how many CAGW people they had working for  them – just out of interest. The civil servant who replied was quite unabashed, even quite proud that there were 70 staff dedicated to climate change and energy issues in our overseas network and another 80 overseas staff also engaged on climate diplomacy – go to www.bishop-hill.net/blog/2014/9/8/your-taxes-at-work.html

There is one glib comment that makes me smile more than almost any other in this debate – and that is the idea it is best we be safe and reduce co2 even if our efforts are pointless (because loads of the stuff is flooding out of Chinese power stations) … or even if the science is unsure it is better to be safe and do the right thing. As silly as this might be it narrows down the people who are most affected by global warming alarmism – the middle class and the well educated. Clacton Man doesn't give a toss (as Matthew Parris might say). Didn't the Bible have something to say about people like this – the stiff necked and the self righteous. It's a bit like medieval ne'er do wells (or robber barons) bequeathing wealth and land to the Church in order to gain credits in the next world – or turning up at the airport and being hilariously asked to open your wallet to offset your carbon footprint.

Returning to John Daly. While Margaret Thatcher was giving the IPCC her full blessing and Sir John Houghton was being a useful idiot Daly was writing a scathing book about the politics behind the co2 scam – 'The Greenhouse Trap – why the greenhouse effect will not end life on earth' (1989). Chapters have such striking headings as 'The Armageddon Syndrome' and 'The False Prophesies' and 'The Cult of Experts' as well as 'The Science of Non-communication'. He burrowed away at 'The Burden of Proof' and 'How Nigh is the End' and 'The Ice Man Cometh' etc., a lovely mix of Biblical metaphor and critical thought. He predicted dodgy computer modelling, long before it became a sophisticated computer algrorithm, or that it was the so called 90 per cent certainty of global warming science that needed to be investigated – the other 10 per cent  is just the doubtful science, the bit that is avoided by climate scientists and too easily disassembled. John Daly was no Terminator, a robot on a keyed in mission. He was, instead, a self taught climate scientist and he actually paid for his work out of his own pocket – his own weekly wage. He was never subsidised by people with deep pockets, unlike the infamous clique and their backers in the financial world. Unfortunately the media ensured the world was mostly unaware of Daly and his work. Doesn't this remind you of our media that have so ably covered up scandals such as Rotherham and elsewhere. It makes you wonder what the so called 'free press' are about – other than gossip and little snippets especially chosen for public release. All it would have taken is for just one – yes, just one major newspaper, to take John Daly seriously, and CAGW would have been nipped in the bud. Incredibly, the media are bleating now about loss of freedom of speech as a result of the Hacked Off zealots. Too late it would seem – but they still refuse to see the light. Rupert, you've got fuzzy in the head in your old age.



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