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Ozone scare being revived

13 September 2014
Climate change

At http://wattsupwiththat.com/2014/09/12/un-global-warming-propaganda-campa… … the attempt to keep the CAGW bandwagon rolling is changing tack as we approach this year's Climate Summit in New York, the annual bean feast which sees the draining of lots of wine bottles and the talking themselves senseless. They are under pressure as the world has stopped warming and the cat is out of the bag. Hence, the latest wheeze. Anthony sees it as an act of desperation – but it could well be about time the subject was brought up and some light shone on the scare story of a few years ago, the so called ozone hole over the Antarctic. In reality there is not a hole and there has never been a hole. Ozone levels tend to fluctuate at the poles.

The ozone hole was a scare story, a precursor to the global warming scare story – and it was orchestrated by the same people. Hence, Joe Public should be very suspicious – and it may just be the right moment in time for everybody to realise how they were hoodwinked over CFCs and their ability to destroy ozone. Banning CFCs had no effect on ozone levels – all it did was force people to buy more expensive fridges (and various other products). The ozone over the Antarctic was dispersed during a period of an active Sun – probably as a result of the solar wind (and CMEs). Since the Sun entered a quieter phase the ozone has returned – but environmentalists are claiming this is a result of banning CFCs.

Another theory on ozone dispersal revolves around wind patterns and circulation above Antarctica, associated with a high pressure zone and the circumpolar vortex etc (described by Anthony at the link above).

In other words, the ozone hole became a raucous environmental piece of alarmism that the politicos and media fell for hook line and sinker. However, like the co2 scare the leaders of China and India refused to play goose – and refused to sign the Montreal Protocol that banned CFCs. Nevertheless, industry was forced to look around for different refrigerant gases and many fridges ended up on especially created scrap heaps – at great expense to local councils and ratepayers. Fridge making virtually disappeared from Britain – they are nearly all made in countries such as Turkey nowadays. The problem was that the theory of what caused the ozone hole was allowed to dominate and drag the politicos by their noses. Research into ozone levels was not done – it relied on environmental doomsaying. Lots of research was done after CFCs were banned – but the media have kept this largely hidden from people (too embarrassed by their complicity in the affair, or just not interested as the job was done and the public fooled once again). The resemblance with the projection of the theory of greenhouse gases warming the planet as if it was an enclosed system, when it is not, is so obvious one cannot help but think that once they had managed to pull the wool over the eyes of the politicos they thought they could do it again – with impunity. And they did.

See also Geophysical Research Letters (August 1st, 2001) Jackman et al (Goddard Space Flight Centre and Hampton University in Virginia) and http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/Features/ProtonOzone/ … and www.wunderground.com/blog/JeffMasters/aurora-activty-and-ozone-loss … and even James Lovelock, quoted by the Guardian, described the ozone scare as awful science, involving incompetence and the fudging of data.

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