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Red Indians and Europeans

18 September 2014

At www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2014-09/hms-nba091514.php … we have a story from an article in the September 18th Nature which is telling us that European genes contain northern Eurasian DNA related to the natives of N America. The study is based on genetics but the news itself is very old – I can remember reading the same thing months ago, even years ago. For example, in Clive Finlayson's book 'Humans Who Went Extinct' Oxford University Press:2009. This new paper is only looking at the Holocene and thinking in terms of Mesolithic people surviving the Ice Age and later mixing with farmers from the Near East and Anatolia. They are surpised by the fact that 20 per cent of European genes seem to have parallels with people of northern (and central) Eurasia – including those people that migrate across the Bering Strait.

Of course, if Europeans had migrated to N America somewhat earlier, in the Ice Ages (the similarity between Solutrean points and Clovis points) there would be some genetic similarities. However, it is recognised that both Europeans and native Americans are descended from people living in central Asia long before the Holocene (and long before Clovis points are found). People migrated to the east – and to the west. It is unclear why the abstract should ignore all the previous work on the subject.

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