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Volcanic Sea Mounts

3 October 2014

At http://wattsupwiththat.com/2014/10/02/one-wonders-how-many-of-these-newl… … scientists have created a map of the world's sea floor using satellite data. Thousands of previously uncharted mountains can be seen rising from the sea bed (known collectively as sea mounts). The info comes from a paper in the journal Science (October 2014) and the idea is to provide clues to investigate the consensus theory of ocean spreading – or Plate Tectonics. In addition, the idea is to see what is under the more remote ocean basins and how they fit into the ocean spreading and subduction regime. At the same time it could well blunt the expanding earth theorists.

The sheer number of sea mounts appears to show two facts expanding earth people like to crow about. One is that some of them are stranded bits of continent (former land) and the other is that the apparent random nature of the volcanoes seems to make a mockery of the idea of a ring of fire. Look at the map on the link – do these form an arc around the Pacific basin?

The Science article also plots earthquakes. We are told that earthquakes very often occur on plate boundaries. Have another look at the map and the number of red dots representing earth quakes.

The maps will also provide the basics of Google's new facility (in the making), the upcoming Ocean Maps. We will be able to use it like Google Earth and anyone will have access to the information, and will be able to explore the data independently. The subduction zones might draw a certain amount of attention. Are they a reality or is this one of those assumptions that drives the theory?


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