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The Step Pyramid of Djoser (update November 2014)

27 October 2014

Laurence Dixon supplied the link to this picture of the Stepped Pyramid which has apparently upset UNESCO. Go to www.artdaily.com/news/73106/UNESCO-seeks-answers-from-Egypt-on-more-than…

It seems the damage may been done by an earthquake in 1847 which weakened the structure and all it took was a minor tremor and part of it has collapsed. Surprisingly there are a lot of earthquakes recorded from the past in Egypt. The city of Alexandria was moved three times following earthquakes in 226BC, 365AD and 778AD. The city of Heracleon occurred was the subject of a TV documentary recently and the earthquake of 226BC seems to have caused the city to sink into the sea – but it was probably not submerged until later.

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