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Geography and Climate Change

2 November 2014
Climate change

at www.geocurrents.info/physical-geography/eco-authoritarian-catastrophism-… … which is a review of a book written by some bigwigs in the Climate Change community and a geography teacher is left stunned by what he read. The book has the title, 'The Collapse of Western Civilisation' and is a quite an astonishing work to be sponsored by academia – but we live in strange times. I don't need to say anything – the reviewer says it all.

Meanwhile, at the politically right leaning blog http://stevengoddard.wordpress.com/2014/11/02/peter-gleick-says-that-cli… … which I include because Goddards adds, that would include Dr Harrison Schmitt, the first scientist to step foot on the moon and skeptic Buzz Aldrin the second man to set foot on the Moon. Gleick is an over the top alarmist who was caught with his pants down – but he is still in his well paid job and still telling whoppers. These guys are not like glaciers – they never melt into the background. They are always at the  front of the hog roast, looking for the crackling and the juiciest pieces of cooked pig flesh. The tough always makes room for them too – keeping it all in the peer group. He can spout as much nonsense as his emotions can summon and yet he is provided with invitations to all the best conferences with all the best meals and drinks and swanky hotel rooms a going. These are top feeders – the bottom feeders are in the finance industry and renewables.

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