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The humble shrew foxes climate change modellers

19 November 2014

This story is at http://phys.org/print335546019.html … a professor of geological science at the University of Oregon has said that the fossil record of five mammal species contradicts climate research as embodies in the models. These include shrews and flying squirrels. This is a reference to climate models that placed these animals in niche locations during the height of the Late Glacial Maximum. It was done by computer simulation of the climate and deduced where those animals should have survived the low temperature regime. This is another example of field evidence contradicting the models – and these are retro-calculated models where they had some idea of the conditions to factor into their models, quite unlike the futuristic models that claim temperatures are on an ever warming cycle into doomsday. The fossil record on the other hand is quite clear in showing that shrews and other animals did not rush to live in the predicted survival refuges but continued to thrive right across west central and north east USA – much closer to the glaciers and very much similar to the modern geographical range.

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