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Solent archaeology washing away in the tides

23 November 2014

The Mesolithic community discovered by a team of divers off Bouldnor Cliff on the Isle of Wight is being eroded away – by the actions of the tide. Previously it had been a buried and unknown feature on what is now the sea bed. In the Mesolithic period, or rather, prior to 6000BC, the Solent was dry land – through which a river flowed on its way to the sea at an undisclosed location deep in the English Channell. The story can be found at http://archaeologynewsnetwork.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/solents-stone-age-v…

Over at http://archaeologynewsnetwork.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/airborne-lidar-disc… … LiDAR imaging from a light aircraft has recorded lots of unknown archaeology on the surface of the land below which includes what turned out to be a Roman period gold mine in Spain.

While over at http://archaeologynewsnetwork.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/new-palaeolithic-fi… … seems like Chinese archaeologists are discovering the Ice Age might not be all it has been cracked up to be as they have found Palaeolithic remains in north east China. These remains go all the way back to the Middle Pleistocene period – as well as more recently. NE Asia and specifically the Nilewan region is now regarded as possibly the cradle of oriental humans.

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