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Stratospheric Warming bring Snow to Somewhere near You

14 December 2014

Tim Cullen at http://malagabay.wordpress.com/2014/12/13/a-christmas-recipe-for-snow/ … makes the point the Sudden Stratospheric Warming events show that the polar vortex is an electro magnetic phenomenon in that it can be slowed down or can even reverse its direction – much in the same way that electro magnetic factors as a result of CMEs striking the atmosphere can switch or change the position of the Jet Stream.

Stratospheric Warming events throw the atmosphere into disarray. They also make the computer models of weather forecasters go awry. This sounds a lot like Piers Corbyn – and indeed he goes on to mention him. Piers Corbyn will be a speaker at the SIS Spring Meeting in late April, 2015.

The post however mostly concerns Gerarld H Pollack's 'The Fourth State of Water' – somebody on the fringe of mainstream and a speaker at a Thunderbolts conference last year. He can be seen speaking on a video at www.thunderbolts.info – so too can Piers Corbyn.

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