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Energy systems

24 December 2014

At http://phys.org/print338190635.html … is about thermoelectric power plants that seek to harvest the ocean waves by pumping cold water up through a heat exchanger

  come generator near the surface. The temperature gradient between warm and cold water is able to produce generating power to make electricity – but it looks like a big investment is necessary. The idea is published in the New Journal of Physics but concerns power plants that would be erected in tropical seas where the surface water is very warm. It sounds like another Renewables idea that will require pumping – taking money from one section of society to feed another. The downside appears to be the tropical location, whereas the cold weather is mostly located in the temperate to northerly locations. Interestingly, where they compare the cost of producing power they come up with some nice figures. In order to produce one megawatt (in the US) the costs for coal generature is given at 0.83 million and for a photovoltaic power plant it comes in at 1.84 million, providing the usual green energy of more than double the price. Unabashed, the authors of the piece assure us the new thermoelectric system is a bargain as it pans out as less than the photovoltaic plant. They assume coal will be phased out and is irrelevant – but the nature of the scam is there for all to see if they wish to take away the blinkers.


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