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Trick and Treat

15 January 2015
Climate change

At the English language German blog of Pierre Gosselin another scale falls from the eye. Yes, a bit of a humdinger this one – broken egg shells and all that. The trick was on Joe Public and the Treat has been ladled out to the CAGW faithful. An inquisitive German meteorologist, one Klaus Hager, has done a side by side test of the traditional glass mercury thermometer measurement stations in comparison with the spanking new electronic, or digital, measurement system, and by golly, and even by Jove, the digital method produced warmer temperatures readings – a whopping great mean of 0.93C warmer. It's a lot warmer in the new digital age.

As the new system was put into general operation between 1985 (remember it was going to be a coming Ice Age back in those days) and 2000 (at the tip of the hockey stick uptick) one is left wondering how much of the late 20th century warming (in Germany) was due to the switch in instrumentation – go to http://notrickszone.com/2015/01/14/germanys-warming-happens-to-coincide-…

The really disturbing element in the discovery is that almost the entire mean annual temperature rise in Germany between 1900 and today occurred during a single short 1986-2000 period – a hockey stick created by introducing a new temperature plateau derived from the introduction of the electronic method.

Germany has been especially strident about global warming – and its climate science 'sons' have enjoyed 20 years of doomsayings, providing the Green lobby with verbal riches to browbeat Joe Public. Greens have a long tradition in the powerhouse of modern Europe – but what harm have they done to the EU dream we may wonder. Not only that, Germany finds itself with a landscape littered with wind turbines which are unable to raise a consistent supply of electricity as well as a huge investment in solar panels. They are so reliable they are actually building new coal fired power stations as the base power load for the 21st century.

See also http://notrickszone.com/2015.01/13/weather-instrumentation-debacle-analy… … which should probably be read prior to the top link – but not to worry. It describes in detail the differences between the two measuring systems. The peculiar thing is that the CAGW crowd did not think to check if they were compliant in practise. They were probably overwhelmed by the excitement of discovering that the new system seemed to wonderfully and marvellously emulate and reproduce the late 20th century uptick in the Hockey Stick model, the new symbol of worship and homage before the great Green blob. The Hockey Stick was itself a cut and paste job, between trees (dendrochronology) and thermometers. The uptick, or hockey stick blade, sallies forth just at the joining at the hip of the two. 

Lots of people have taken global warming science at face value. They are scientists – they must be right. It was put around that deniers must be dripping money from Big Oil and King Coal – brown envelopes with banknotes and all that. Lots of people might not be too pleased if it turns out to  be all smoke and mirrors. How funny.

As an aside, how will UK government chief scientists (political appointments) such as King, Beddington, Nurse and the incumbent, Walpole, console themselves. They are currently in deep denial of the flat line temperature of the last 10 to 15 years and their reaction will be more of the same treacle we might suppose. What the above discovery shows is that global temperatures have probably remained near constant, with the odd up and down in the graphs, all the way back to 1900. Its so amusing – how are they going to dig themselves out of the hole. They obviously don't check out the science for themselves, assuming climate scientists are reliable and can be taken at face value. I think a radio 5 phone-in a few years ago summed it up perfectly. After listening to one of the chief scientists (the government placement) waffle on, a plumber phoned in to ask, 'is this guy really a scientist?' and it was dutifully explained to him precisely his role. 'Tony Blair's chief scientist? You're kidding me ….'.  – but mind you, the scientist thingy was advising young chaps (not the plebs, but the nobs, which of course ruled out plumbers) not to drive around in their sports cars – and purchase something less sprightly. The ladies wouldn't mind (and so on). Can this sort of discourse only happen on radio in the UK? How would it have been expressed in Ireland or Aussie Land, or in the US – cutting back a bit of co2 usage (to save the world).

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