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wormholes in heaven

26 January 2015

At http://phys.org/print341045140.html … evidence is said to exist that our galaxy could be a huge wormhole – but not everyone would agree (even physicists). The paper is in the Annals of Physics and the idea is to rethink dark matter. They can't see the stuff but apparently they can map how much dark matter is in the Milky Way. The following remark is somewhat revealing, 'obviously, we are not claiming that our galaxy is definitely a worm hole but simply that according to theoretical models this hypothesis is a possibility'.

At http://phys.org/print341054550.html … it seems levels of nitrogen found in meteorites are similar to levels found in the Earth's atmosphere, Nature Geosciences January 2015. This means, they say, that Earth's atmospheric atmospheric nitrogen originates from a primordial cosmo churned source. Prebiotic organic compounds containing nitrogen that formed in the solar planetary disc, such as asinine acids, may have contributed to the emergence of life on Earth.

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