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blow-outs and bumps in the nether parts

4 February 2015

At http://news.yahoo.com/did-volcano-wipe-neanderthals-144225250.html … it has been suggested a massive volcano that blew around 40,000 years ago led to the demise of the Neanderthals. Benjamin Black, a geologist at the University of California, has explored the issue and found it wanting. The criticism sounds reasonable. What was not asked is what caused such a big volcanic explosion?

Thorvaldr Thordarson, a volcanic geologist at the University of Iceland is not so dismissive. He theorised that huge amounts of sulphur released in a big eruption could have altered air circulation patterns. As such, climate models based on air circulation may be up the Swanee – right up there. Once again, models are placed in a primary position rather than as a support role, models based on a raft of assumptions.

As cool as Thorderson's thinking might be it seems he does not envisage a cosmic event which might add depth to his claim. A space rock exploding in the atmosphere could theoretically have the same effect as a volcano – creating an opaque sky.

Meanwhile, over at www.cbc.ca/news/canada/megathrust-earthquake-off-b-c-coast-extremely-lik… … is a scare story based on an earthquake in British Columbia in 1700AD which generated a powerful tsunami even in Japan.

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