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SIS Spring Meeting

22 February 2015

Bob Johnson's talk at the SIS Spring Meeting in Watford will be . The Variability of the Sun and the Effects on Earth. In other words, what effects do CMEs have on the Earth system and the inhabitants on the surface.

He also has an article online, 'Massive Solar Eruptions and their contribution to the source of tectonic uplift' which was published by NCGT Journal in March 2014 (go to www.ncgt.org/newsletter.php where the pdf can be downloaded.It discusses whether very big CME events could possibly be a factor in mountain building – and in the formation of granite. He suggests granite is formed as a result of discharge currents. Granite is closely associated in time and space with mountain building and regional metamorphism. Great masses of granite are found to have been emplaced among deformed and metamorphised sedimentary strata to form enormous granite bathyliths in the cores of major mountain ranges. Granite is never found outside mountain belts.

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