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life on other worlds

14 March 2015

Enceladus is currently being targeted as another location for life beyond Earth – see http://phys.org/print345364303.html

This moon of Saturn has geysers that eject plumes of water and ice. A new study has found they also contain sand (silica grains).

Europa, a moon of Jupiter, also boasts salty water and is another target for researchers. They also seem to have a rocky silica sea-bed. This is interesting as the so called sand grains may have been produced internally, close to hydrothermal vents – at very hot temperatures. Hydrothermal vents on Earth may also play a role in the origin of life on Earth – so the link is thought provoking. What occurs to me is that Malaga Bay was saying, not so long ago, that the expanding Earth theory may involve the production of silica/sand out of the interior of the Earth, and if so, is Enceladus and Europa capable of expanding into larger bodies?

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