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dreaming of the big wave on Mars

2 April 2015

At www.space.com/28983-ancient-mars-oceans-big-waves.html …. as it has been repeated now on many occasions the assumption is growing strength in the idea that Mars once harboured an ocean – suitably way back in the early universe. Once you come to accept there was once plentiful supply of water on the red planet, and a big ocean, you can conjure up almost anything – especially if you create a model.

Interesting reading. A lot of the speculation is based on an ocean existing in the past. The models used current as well as hypothetical atmospheres, and so on. The big waves are caused by a lower atmospheric pressure – but they would have been much slower than on Earth as a result of lower gravity on Mars. Slower waves, it is suggested, could reach greater heights than waves on Earth. All the model needs now is some collaborating evidence – an ancient shoreline that shows wave action.

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