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wetland Utah

5 April 2015

At http://westerndigs.org/over-1000-ancient-stone-tools-left-by-great-basin… …. some really cracking stone tools can be seen at this link, including a spear head known as a Hackett Point, dating back 12,000 to 13,000 years ago. This appears to be a misprint or mistake as they are referring to a time prior to the Younger Dryas event, which occurred around 12,900 years ago. Perhaps it should read BC rather than 'years ago' –  or some anomaly has crept into the text. This comes from an abstract or press release so there is opportunity for cross wording. Anyway, the stone points appear to have been used in hunting mammoth as one of them contained a residue of elephant protein.

Hackett Points belong to the Western Stemmed Tradition and were contemporary (near abouts) with Clovis Points. The latter look more and more likely to be the tool of people in southern and south eastern North America with the Western Stem Points to the north and west of North America.

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