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sink holes, Dead Sea

9 April 2015

This is a classic piece of geology as sink holes can pop up anywhere and usually have a reason, quite often due to human action – the law of unintended consequences. At www.livescience.com/50380-dead-sea-sinkholes-gallery.html there are a collection of images – see the one below

  The Dead Sea is currently shrinking as a result of extraction by human agency. Giant sink holes have appeared. Water from the Jordan River has been diverted and fresh ground water tends to well up and dissolve layers of salt creating underground cavities – that can then collapse, creating the holes. They appear to develop along seismic fault lines in the Jordan's Rift Valley system.

The construction of a canal between the Red Sea and the Jordan has been proposed, bringing water to the states of Jordan, Israel, and the Palestinians. At www.livescience.com/50379-dead-sea-sinkholes.html … we are told the Dead Sea is declining by 3 feet a year.


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