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31 May 2015

At https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2015/03/27/why-phi-mars-earth-model-and-… …. and https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2015/05/24/why-phi-a-jupiter-venus-mercu… … Roger Tall Bloke and guests (such as Old Brew) have been discussing, over the years, the link up between the planets of the solar system and the movement of the Sun around its barycentre. As such, they have received little encouragement from elsewhere on the blogosphere and the drawbridge has been pulled up at the castle gates of consensus science. Never mind, a man out on a branch of a tree can only but hope the branch does not crack under his weight, and meanwhile, the trunk will keep producing growth rings and become ever more firmly embedded.

Their argument involves Fibonacci numbers which may mean it is just a bit of wishful thinking, a self deluding exercise. However, the Sun does rotate around a barycentre and it is influenced by the giant gas planets. When several of these are to one side of the Sun the barycentre is inclined to shift. This means the other, smaller planets, have to fit in with the juggling and somehow find equilibrium.

As in many of the discussions at Tall Bloke's Place the comments are meant to be read – as other people are participating. There is a long list of other posts to read that have a connection with the discussion topic. For example the Chandler Wobble has been solved by a NASA scientist (it is claimed) – go to www.jpl.nasa/gov/releases/2000/chandlerwobble.html

There are 54 Chandler wobbles in a 64 year period (the unit in the discussion) and it is suggested the wobble may in fact be a natural harmonic resonance.

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