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24 June 2015

At http://archaeologynewsnetwork.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/archaeologists-disc… …. in Shanxi Province, it is being suggested, was the place where China began, around 2200BC. The capital of the Yao period has been found, it is thought, in the middle reaches of the Yellow River. Palaces, royal tombs, ceremonial buildings, storage areas, fortifications, as well as copperware and porcelain, have been dug out of the ground. The site is thought to be Pingyang, capital of the Yao emperors.

PS … see the significance of Yao in Moe Mandelkehr's articles in SIS journals (the 2300BC event) and Yao's association with a catastrophic event. It is a moot point if Yao was living at the time of the upheaval or was a god involved in the events, overseeing the upheaval. Mandelkehr dated Yao around 2300BC – Dunbavin dated him around 3000BC.

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