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Great Flood

18 July 2015
Climate change

Referring to non-uniformitarians as Flood catastrophists has developed recently into a new twist as mainstream science has, it seems, developed its very own 'holy' Flood myth (or is that holey) – see http://notrickszone.com/2015/07/18/literature-review-obama-administratio… … for the story. Scientists predict sea level rise is at 2 to 3mm a year (yes, millimetres). If that trend continues there will be an overall rise of 25cm by 2100 (yes, centimetres). However, the mainstream gravy train ignores the reality and predicts rises in sea level from 3m to 10m (or even higher, and yes, metres). They are also speaking in terms of a global flooding event that would inundate all towns and cities built in river valleys, on coasts, and in general, low topography. This amounts to a Flood of almost Biblical proportions – yet I thought the Uniformitarians are supposed to have put to bed the idea there was a Great Flood in the days of Noah. What is going on? How come science now is able to distort things enough to project a Great Flood into the near future?

The answer of course is that CAGW is not driven by genuine science but by environmental activists in association with gravy train shysters (and various kinds of political baggage). Even the major oil companies, including BP and Shell, are funding CAGW, funneling huge sums of money into the system in the expectation of making a coin or two on the co2 bandwagon (investments and speculation on the financial markets). One may wonder why the doomsayers have to dredge up a Flood to parallel the Biblical narrative. Why also do they closely mimick the Revelations of John by claiming humanity is heading for an apocalypse – a clear case of modern millennarianism (but inside a different coating, one varnished with a modern kind of worry, the health of Gaia). It is no coincidence it became rife in its alarmism as we approached the year 2000 (in the Christian calendar). It just goes to show how powerful millennarianism is within the human psyche. The Church itself refrained from making any religious predictions but the secular branch of society went completely overboard – and we are still reaping the repercussions. Atheists may deny it but millennarianism is not confined to those of fringe religious flavour as it is endemic in various modern isms – and those that offer a Utopia on Earth are just one in the brew. In the secular apocalypse many people will perish (again, almost on a par with the Revelations of John) and co2 (a magical and terrifying ingredient in the atmosphere) has replaced heavenly fire and damnation (but the watery catastrophism remains omnipresent).

Why are the CAGW crowd so fond of doomsayings, avoiding any joyful outlook on humanity's situation or its future. They sound like the fire and brimstone preachers of the 18th and 19th centuries – the sort of people Uniformitarians and secular commenters on blogs like to poke fun at (so why do they copy the same format). Why do they have to exaggerate ordinary weather (turning a rain shower into a torrent or a day of snow into a snowapocalypse of Biblical proportions). Why does every heat wave come with a warning. Why can't they relax and enjoy the sunshine. It makes a nice change from the kind of grey dreary days we have in the UK and NW Europe most of the time. Is it because CAGW is just another ism in a long line of 19th and 20th century isms, a substitute religion that seeks to control the 'little people' by claiming nature is stirring up a hornets nest and the End of the World is drawing nigh?

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