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warming the data

22 July 2015
Climate change

At http://wattsupwiththat.com/2015/07/16/the-three-faces-of-the-giss-land-o… … is an interesting post by Bob Tisdale, a specialist on ENSO events (and well clued up). He has looked at US data that has recently got a lot warmer (recently) and a lot cooler (50 to 100 years ago) simply by adjusting the data sets, or switching to a different data set (and splicing the two). This is all quite blatant and the purpose appears to have a political slant. The ambition of the present administration is  to go out with something memorable under their belts. The upcoming Paris summit on climate alarmism appears to be where they want to make their mark. Unfortunately, the current hiatus in warming contradicted the line they wished to take – and funnily enough the data changes now seem to get rid of the hiatus (or nearly so).

Tisdale outlines how the adjustments were produced – and what they will do in the future (even if we enter a very cold phase of climate). Be prepared for some leaning on allies and gobbledegook at Paris in the autumn.

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