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26 July 2015
Climate change

As we approach the Paris climate change summit it is worth going back to the Copenhagen summit of a few years ago. This was a laugh a minute charade as somebody upstairs down loaded lots of the white global warming stuff on Copenhagen during the summit. Then the US team were caught in a blizzard over Washington on the way back. What lies in store for them this year?

Something else important happened at Copenhagen. Somebody at the University of East Anglia became disillusioned with the climate change minority and considered they were making mischief. He or she dropped a bombshell by releasing the climategate emails. The media ignored them for a long time and when they did get around to admitting they were important and they didn't put certain people in a warm light, they only released a few of them (which were pretty harmless examples). Most people never had the chance to look at the climategate emails – and probably learnt about them second hand. Different views existed depending on which side you were on. Most people probably accepted the BBC line that they were just the sort of discourse scientists might have amongst themselves – but the BBC climate hacks white washed the bits about falsifying the data or getting people sacked from their jobs because they didn't hold the CAGW faith. Somebody has gone to the trouble of placing all the climategate emails on his blog (which is run by a physicist that was pro-global warming but changed his mind when he began to read these emails). They can be accessed at www.lavoisier.com.au/articles/greenhouse-science/climate-change/climateg…

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