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Venus hot

2 August 2015

At http://phys.org/print357201985.html … the planet Venus, it tells us, has played a role in the mythology and astrology of countless people around the globe – and even in present times interest in Venus thrives. Lots of consensus stuff – and speculation about why it has not cooled. It seems to be highly volcanic, the atmosphere rich in sulphur dioxide adn with hot spots that may mask fresh lava outflows, oozing out of the surface. Its impact craters have the appearance of being fresh. No old cratering has been found – presumably as a result of all the new lava providing a continuous rebedding and fresh surface to the planet. The surface is constantly being renewed by volcanic lava flows.

Eventually we are told the atmosphere is rich in co2 (which appears to be theoretical rather than observable) and Venus has the strongest greenhouse in the solar system. The surface is uniformly hot and there is no variation in temperatures between day and night, or between equator and the poles. However, the axial tilt of Venus, at just 3 degrees in comparison with the Earth at 23 degrees, minimises seasonal temperature fluctuations. Lots to learn about Venus it would seem.

Meanwhile, at http://phys.org/print357199125.html … the UK satellite known as Twinkle is to take part in the search for exo planets (funded by private money as well as taxpayer loot).

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