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solar cycles and CAGW

6 August 2015
Climate change

At http://notrickszone.com/2015/08/02/joe-bastardi-heat-will-not-get-erased… … Joe Bastardi is an American meteorologist that has resisted CAGW alarmism in spite of constant badgering by activists. When he says stay calm we should all take a breath and listen to what he has to say. He uses NCEP (which is part of NOAA) temperature data for his forecasts and he says NCEP are head on real time measurements. What happens after the current El Nino, now thought to be building up a bit in the Pacific, in time for the Paris conference (but will it break before then), will show us the climate trend ahead. If the subsequent La Nina which follows in the wake of El Nino is cooler than recent ones then global warmists wil have a big problem, he says. He thinks the world will cool modestly by 2030 and is not a fan of sceptics talking about another Little Ice Age event in the offing. He doesn't think this will happen – and he is probably right. He cautions that some people are over the top and putting too much emphasis on solar cycles and low solar activity -which is exactly what solar physicist Leif Svalgaard has been saying too. Low sun spot counts do not necessarily equal cold weather.

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