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28 September 2015
Climate change

At http://notrickszone.com/2015/08/19/new-study-on-20th-century-sea-level-r… … no surprise here but this time it comes from the University of Siegen in Germany who issued a press release about a new study that showed natural oceanic cycles played a greater role in sea level fluctuations than deemed by IPCC scientists. If this is true of the past it must also be true of projection into the future. In other words, models of future sea level rise cannot be trusted.

Having said that sea level has gone up and down during the Holocene – go to http://curryja.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/document.pdf

First of all, Doggerland was swamped by rising sea levels around 8000 years ago. Durham University researchers found that in the NE (of England) sea level was higher between 7500 and 4500 years ago – when it dropped – and is continuing to drop (as a result of bounce back, the land going up in relation to sea level). Note the latter date corresponds to the Moe Mandelkehr 2300BC event (now redated to 2500BC as a result of new calibration methodology).

Brian Fagan in 'The Little Ice Age' said that by 3000BC the oceans were near modern levels – but sea level continued to fluctuate through the late prehistoric and Roman periods (which nails it in a nutshell). However, do we assume there are natural cycles or is it down to isostatic processes with an origin in the Ice Ages, or do the oceans redistribute water from one basin to another – for unknown reasons.

It is safe to say that scientists know very little about why sea levels go up and down (as far as the past is concerned). Why would they think they know what might cause sea levels to go up in the future? To say that rising co2 in the atmosphere will create warming that will melt glaciers at the top of the world is wishful thinking as glaciers have been declining and growing as far back as you wish to go. Receding glaciers in the Alps often reveal the works of medieval people – illustrating the glaciers had receded in the past as well as in the modern world. The constant hype about sea levels rising is scare mongering. It ignores every bit of science prior to the arrival of the modern climate science cartel in the 1990s. This group, who were really environmentalists on a mission rather than scientists doing science for the sake of science arrived on the scene with a preconceived agenda – which is what all the scare mongering has been about. They mystery of why the media has been in cahorts involves money and investments but is driven by reason science correspondents are usually first and foremost environmentalists – and not scientists. The general media people have no idea of how the science works and they just go along with the tide. This is not supposed to be what the media is all about. They are supposed to be informing us when we are being bamboozled – but that doesn't happen nowadays.

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