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Ice Age Mammoth Bones

11 October 2015

This was sent in by William Thompson – http://news.yahoo.com/ice-mammoth-bones-discovered-michigan-farm/ … a farmer was installing a drainage system on his property and came across some really big bones. He telephoned the University of Michigan and they sent in a team of 15 palaeontologists and students (of the subject) to excavate the animal. Provisional estimate is the animal was killed between 11700 and 15000 years ago (in the warm period separating the end of the Ice Age from the onset of the Younger Dryas). They claim to have found evidence of human activity – which would not be at all surprising at that point in time. This includes a small stone flake (which could hardly have brought down a mammoth). What other evidence they may have will have to wait until publication – but presumably it is good. The animal seems to have been slaughtered and butchered rather than dying from natural causes (or a catastrophic event). We shall see in the course of time.

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