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rumbles and plasma

13 October 2015

At https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2015/10/07/resonant-rumblings-inside-sat… … unusual ripples in Saturn's rings are part of a mysterious rumble. The rings are full of activity, including waves that ricochet outward in spiral patterns, possibly as a result of the gravitational pull of Saturn (although Birkeland Currents might be inferred). Saturn has 62 moons and may all have an affect on the ring system.

All this is causing a setback to the consensus model of Saturn. It is thought to be a large gas envelope surrounding a small dense core but the study of the ring waves is indicating it is more complicated by far. It is thought by some that it is some kind of disturbance inside Saturn that created the waves. Scientists are currently measuring the oscillations according to www.space.com.

Even earth has a hum and scientists measure oscillations triggered by earthquakes to discern what is going on inside our planet. The Sun too vibrates, oscillating at certain frequencies.

The comments are worth a perusal.

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