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the Halloween asteroid

23 October 2015

At http://phys.org/print364646245.html … the asteroid will pass Earth on October 31st, just at about the date of traditional Halloween and Diwali celebrations. It has already earned the title Halloween asteroid but at www.space.com/30902-spooky-halloween-asteroid-may-be-comet.html .. a whole new identification might be about to come to light as one distinct theme of the Clube and Napier hypothesis is that a comet with an orbit of between 3 and 4 years came close to earth near Halloween (at some interesting points in history and prehistory). There is probably no chance this dead comet might spark into life and after all it is probably a piece of a much bigger object if the Clube and Napier hypothesis is taken at face value.

It is the size of a football stadium and is moving very fast – one of the reasons space.com thought it might be a defunct comet. NASA has calculated a speed of 78,000 miles per hour.

Over at https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2015/10/19/surprise-asteroid-to-give-ear… … the comments have expanded with Scute and his pal doing some back of the envelope calculations on how close to Earth's atmosphere might objects running at the back of the asteroid might come. The chances are there is not a rock train but if it is a comet the chances go up a tad. The Chelyabinsk meteor appears to have been a rock running at the back of the big asteroid that passed the Earth on the same day (or the day before) the meteor exploded in February 2013. At the moment, all speculation – but what are NASA up to (they have some big telescopes ready and waiting). It has an orbit, it has been calculated, that takes it round the Sun every 3 years or so – very muck akin to the Clube and Napier comet.

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