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31 October 2015
Climate change

A really fascinating post by Canadian climate scientist Tim Ball at http://wattsupwiththat.com/2015/10/30/vladimir-putin-climate-and-politic… … it seems the Russian leader, Putin, has said, 'global warming is a fraud' which has upset some of the faithful congregation of alarmists. Tim Ball describes his connections with Russian climate scientists such as Mikhail Budkyo and EP Borisenkov.

During the Cold War most Soviet science was out of reach of the West, or ignored, and this did not change until Jewish scientists translated their work after emigrating to Israel. In the 1990s there was a distinct difference between East and West as a result of this chasm in contact between the two sides. The Soviets had a more realistic attitude towards climate, considering it was cyclical in nature and the challenge was to identify the cycles and how they inter-acted with each other. Sceptic scientists in the West have a tendency to look at climate in the same way. For example, they can't get their head around the CAGW expectation that temperatures will keep going up when common sense would demand that they go up and then come down – and that is actually what is happening at the moment (although some climate scientists are fiddling with the data in a vain attempt to keep them steady rather than dropping). In the West CAGW had developed and like all revolutions, dumping HH Lamb and inserting a revolutionary view of climate, the revolutionaries behaved much differently than the Russians. They were completely unsympathetic to any other point of view. The world was warming and that was that. Anyone who said otherwise was demonised, insulted, vilified, mocked. Tim Ball had his fair share of this treatment – but in the end he is being proved right and his enemies were wrong (and are still wrong).

One of the more intriguing parts of the post is a description of the connivings going on in the time of Blair's 'chief scientist' (as he liked to bill himself). He used science societies to promote the IPCC agenda, first evangelising the Royal Society and gradually bringing all around to a single way of thinking – doom and gloom forecasts. This was a good move by the alarmists as it provided authority to back up public announcements by PR trained people (and the system is still in operation) in order to manipulate public opinion. Joe Public has been pulled by his nose for many years – this is just the latest bout of nose pulling. Most societies conformed, for whatever reason, probably as a result of the liberal amount of cash being splashed around by the big investors and the governments of the West. However, the Russian Academy would not play ball. It contradicted all those years of work on climate cycles, years in which the West ignored their endeavours -but suddenly demanded they ditch their efforts and take onboard a ridiculous view of climate science. Yuri Izrael flatly refused to accept it. Benny Peiser, at the time, reported on what happened next, at a conference organised by the Met Office (with the title, 'Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change'). It was chaired by Peter Warlow's favourite witch (or should it be, wizard), our old friend John Houghton (now happily retired in rural Wales safely shut off from all the mayhem he caused elsewhere in the country). After being exposed to numerous speeches that gave the vroom into the doom and gloom the two Russian delegates stood up to read out their papers which set out to show it was not as bad as the doom sayers would have, and for that unwanted intrusion into the fantasy of CAGW they were treated like lepers, mocked because they did not talk about ice ages, looming hell fire, mass starvation, mega-drought, helpless polar bears, global epidemics and mass extinctions. They were optimistic in a sea of gloom and absolute doomery. The fire and brimstone brigade knew no bounds – the doom was endless, on and on it flowed like dribble down the chin of old men and old ladies in wheel chairs drinking their tea out of their saucers. The dribble became a flood and then Joe Public switched off – but the doom is still being ladled out, great spoon fulls of drivel everyday of the week (and the upcoming Paris summit will have masses of the drivel and the dribble and the delegates will drink too much, eat too much and spout lots and lots of hot air – and Joe Public pays for it all).

The point of the post is that Putin knows that CAGW is tosh. His scientists have told him the truth. The IPCC is a UN organisation and Putin understands that it has a political goal and that is being hidden from Joe Public (because they might object). The Paris summit will no doubt be a damp squib and all 40,000 plus delegates will live to enjoy another junket next year – and the year after. Putin has it in his hands to put a spanner in the spokes of the CAGW wheel – so he is open to a certain amount of persuasion. What is in it for Russia?

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