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Justinian Plague

4 November 2015

At www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2015/10/26/the-justinian-plague-of-562-a-d-an-e… … Peter Mungo Jupp is back with another tale which he dates to 562AD – presumably using the chronology within Short's chronicles (or variation thereof). He says the plague was carried on vectors high above the Earth and looks for parallel catastrophic events to act as the driver – and does EU have a connection? He quotes from Short's chronicles and there is no reason these are not reliable (although the dates are not thought to be exact). Later he says the plague period extended from 519 to 605AD when no less than 9 highly visible comets were seen. Weird skies and multiple suns were also recorded – and 10 destructive earthquake storms. In Antioch alone 200,000 people died. On top of this there were major droughts and famines in various parts of the world – including the Americas. The oceans and the seas, the wind and the tempest were also apparently restless. In the earthquake storms whole towns were swallowed up and lakes formed – and so on. Its interesting as these events have been a feature of study group meetings in recent years – and Short's chronicles are favoured by Peter Fairlie-Clarke.

He then asks, legitimately, what drove the virulence of bacteria at the time. Was it stumulated by ions, neutrons, electrons, and the spectrum of electro-magnetic radiation? What place do solar events have to play in bacterial invasiveness? Interesting questions.

He says comets are negatively charged concretions travelling through the solar system, somewhat like a mobile z-pinch. They must interact with other cosmic objects he theorises. Short's chronicles suggest a connection with comets, he says, whilst earthquakes are connected to solar and electrical phenomena. Wal Thornhill, he says, once described earthquakes as underground thunder and lightning. Can they be encouraged by comets?

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