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Homo erectus

24 November 2015

At http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2015-11/20/c_134838032.htm … the Chinese have unearthed a well preserved skull of Homo erectus which will be invaluable to anthropologists and people specialising in human evolution. It was excavated in Dongzhi County in Anhai Province and it has already been named Dongzhi Man. It was buried amongst a number of stone implements, the teeth of other humans together with bone fragments, and some 6000 bones of animals that it is claimed, had been slaughtered and prepared by humans. These include giant panda and giant tapirs, not your usual fare – so the speculation is that sacrifice of animals may be indicated by the finds (but catastrophism is not explored). The skull is dated between 150,000 and 412,000 years ago.

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