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works of the old men

5 December 2015

The works of the old men is a bedouin term referring to thousands of stone structures in the Jordanian and Arabian deserts. Two wheels, or circular stone structures with what look like spokes, have been dated 8500 years ago (very close to the 6200BC event). Massive meandering walls appear to go nowhere – see www.livescience.com/52943-photos-wheel-structures-middle-east.html

At ground level it is difficult to make out what they depict, possibly one reason why they have survived through the centuries. The first came into prominence in WWI photographic missions by early aeroplanes – and have periodically hit the news on and off since then. In Saudi Arabia there are wheels with patterns that differ from those in the Jordanian desert. A bull's eye design for example – and triangular structures (or flat pyramids).

At www.livescience.com/52944-huge-geometric-shapes-in-middle-east-revealed…. … we learn that one of these structures was built to align with sunrise on the winter solstice. However, as no other astronomical alignments have been found this might be an accidental alignment.

We also have the so called kites, stone structures used to funnel herds of game to a kill site (a bit like medieval duck decoys in the UK) as well as lines of stone cairns (known as pendants) and the mysterious meandering walls (up to several hundred feet in length). These structures occur from Syria through Jordan into Arabia as far south as the Yemen. They are difficult to identify on the ground but easily visible from the air – but that may be as a result of the landscape drying out in the period from when they were originally set up. The spoked wheel is elsewhere described as a meteoric or cometary symbol – and sun wheels are even known from Irish myth and bear similarities with N American medicine wheels, all with a distinct cosmic association. What are the works of the old men telling us?

PS … optically stimulated luminescence methodology was used to date two of the structures (see above) which indicate they were built 85000 years ago – and re-modelled or repaired in around 3500 years ago. Both these dates are significant as they are near major events, one at 6200BC and the other around 3200BC (now redated due to calibration at 3500BC). Is that a coincidence?

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