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functional food

24 December 2015

At http://phys.org/print369910125.html … I found this story interesting but I don't suppose everyone will. Functional food – or food using emulsifiers. This has now progressed into medical food – for diabetics, the seriously overweight, and various kinds of illness where ordinary food may cause problems. It also includes the use of nutritional supplements. I haven't tried any of them out but we appear to be moving towards artificial food. This may be a necessity if population numbers continue to rise and land to farm becomes scarce as building houses becomes the priority. We even have what is known as 'light oil' so that you can fry your chips or eggs without worrying about putting on weight. A bit different from chips cooked in beef suet that was the common practice not so long ago. Artificial butter – do we need to replace a natural product that does not require any supplements?

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