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The Ideocene

9 January 2016
Climate change

Lovely turn of phrase – the Ideocene. At www.climatechange.com/welcome-to-a-new-geologic-era-the-ideaocene.html … the BBC has been bleating recently about the Anthropocene – a new geological era which begins with the development of agriculture and accelerates at the point of industrialisation, the human mark on geological structures. I don't know if geological sediments will have cow pats in them but it is probable that fragments of plastic will be found and possibly even the fall-out of nuclear tests. It is a new line of alarmism that Jonathan DuHamel describes as the Ideocene (the geology of the idiots).

Over at www.spaceweather.com January 8th we have the real climate driver – solar wind sparks huge aurora (with pictures). The auroral display was caused by a high speed stream of solar wind now buffeting the Earth's magnetic field. It will continue over the next 24 hours.

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