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Planet Nine

21 January 2016

I saw this first at www.spaceweather.com January 20th but it has since spiralled on to lots of other sites such as www.sciencenews.org/blog/science-ticker/evidence-mounts-hidden-ninth-pla… … Batygin and Brown of Caltech claim they have found evidence for a Neptune sized object orbiting the Sun beyond Pluto. Six small objects in the outer solar system, also beyond Pluto, are grouped together as if they are being shepherded along by a larger body – as yet not actually seen. That body, they say, is ten times the size of the Earth and has an elliptic orbit. This is reminiscent of Planet X, but astronomers would furiously disagree. Until somebody has actually seen it in a telescope it is solely conjecture. The story was published in January's Science magazine.

Meanwhile, n the ace of the Sun another gaping coronal hole has opened. It is expected to impact with the Earth on January 22nd or 23rd, and auroral storms are predicted. The last coronal hole did not appear to add heat to the atmosphere so this one probably won't either – other factors come into play.

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