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watery ice

24 January 2016

At https://malagabay.wordpress.com/2015/12/30/proglacial-mega-myths/ … we have an irreverent attempt to demolish the Ice Age story. It is also a swipe at the uniformitarian mind-set as he compares the Ice Age story with the Biblical deluge story, saying they are much of a sameness (apart from a single event being replaced by many events). Ice Ages are the secular version of the Flood – or that is what he implies. Having manufactured a story, he says, they still have to account for a few inconvenient mega flooding events – as the geology does not lie. He provides a number of examples such as Lake Bonneville which seems to have flooded around 14,500 years ago, and the Black Sea flooding event in which large amounts of meltwater from the ice sheet in the north quickly filled in the depression. This in turn was followed by a violent rush of salt water as the Mediterranean Sea breached the Bosphorus around 8000 years ago. Then we have the flooding of the Red Sea basin at some point and even more infamously the flooding of the Mediterranean basin some 5 million years ago. Therefore flood events do happen – but we don't know why. Neither does mainstream really know what causes their Ice Ages. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outburst_flood

When stuck for an explanation mainstream doodles in a few ice sheets, colours in a pro-glacial lake, and sneaks in a catastrophic release of dammed water. This, he says, is their Get Out of Jail Free card – and it's hard to argue with that as this idea is invoked on too many occasions. It's a bit like the public servants saying, 'we shall learn the lesson …' but in this case it is all about explaining away switches in global climate they do not understand. The idea behind both is to close down debate and stop people from looking further at what is under the bedsheets. Learning lessons is a foil – and invoking sudden releases of glacial water is a way to put a cap on criticism. In other words the idea is to stifle catastrophism from entering the debate.

In N America glacial lakes Missoula and Wisconsin are supposed to have suddenly ruptured, after being held back by a morainne or ice dam. The release of water instantly gouged out gorges and water cut geology further downstream. In the UK lakes Lapworth and Pickering are supposed to be examples of pro glacial lakes that ruptured and flooded the countryside. Iron bridge Gorge was formed by glacial overspill as an example. There was the glacial outflow or mega flood that is supposed to have caused gouges in the chalk block that once connected Dover with Calais, all down to a flood after a pro-glacial lake burst its bounds in the southern North Sea basin. However, as the current Channel formed well into the Holocene the mega flood is dated several hundred thousands years ago – suitably pushed into the long grass by mainstream. One can read in guide books with a little geology that the coastline of today was much the same in previous Ice Ages – but how can that be as the cliffs have moved back in historical times (especially at 8000 years ago). The cliff faces could not have regrown and shrunk all over again. The mega flood can be explained but to say the Channel was opened up prior to the current opening up and was similar to now is stretching credulity – but geologists can say that with a straight face. By invoking a series of inter-glacials one can compartmentalise all kinds of anomalous information and this is the gist of Tim Cullen's post. The Ice Age chronology is a convenient crutch for uniformitarian ideas – it is used to brush aside unwanted data, and we must not spoil the broth.

The idea of the sea invading the continental shelves of the world, and in the fullness of time receding, and eventually once again invading, over and over again, is not necessarily counter to catastrophic ideas as changes in the axis of rotation or polar shift could have done just that, over and over again. Tim Cullen prefer's the Expanding Earth theory which would require a much reduced number of floodings of the continental shelves and a much reduced number of Ice Ages. Polar shift can accommodate numerous Ice Ages on the basis they represent polar shift rather than an expanding ice sheet. When reading Tim Cullen's posts it is important to bear these things in mind. He is not advocating a Creationist model, or anything like it. It is a different one from mainstream which is why he comes over as vitriolic, and settled science is a two edged beast. It hides a lot of theory masked as fact, making it a really rich field for somebody with a like mind to Cullen. See also www.numberwatch.co.uk/computer_modelling.htm

Towards the end of the article Cullen has an interesting diagnosis of moraines. Glacial moraines, he says, are composed of mostly small grained material scraped from the rock face it moves across. In contrast, water made moraines show evidence of violence, being composed of rounded rocks, boulders, stones and silts all mixed up with each other. So, when you go on a field trip with your local friendly geologist and you end up in a hole in the middle of a morainne you will be able to distinguish between ice and water borne material, glaciers or flood.



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