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radioemitting jets

4 February 2016

Jets, outbursts of super heated gas moving at close to the speed of light, hae long been associated with the cores of giant elliptical galaxies. Astronomers have found a distant galaxy that also emits intense radio jets pouring out of its heart (otherwise its black hole digestion system). Two other regions of the galaxy also seem to have jets emitting radio noise – see http://phys.org/print373535234.html

Meanwhile, the discovery in the 1990s of dark energy is taxing the minds of scientists. Lots of effort has gone into trying to find out what dark energy might be. Telescopes in Hawaii and Chile have been retro-fitted with new cameras in order to make maps of large areas of the sky. The idea is to look at how galaxies are clustered across the sky and their distances from the earth and then use computer simulation of the data to try and discover what this mysterious stuff might be. The potentil candidates for dark energy include i) energy of the vacuum (of space), ii) a sort of anti-gravity, and iii) a new Higgs like field. Best of luck we might add.

The piece comes from The Conversation and there is a link to the original article at the bottom of the page at http://phys.org/print373539216.html

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