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Thutmose III

5 February 2016
Ancient history

At www.jewishpress.com/news/hiker-discovers-3500-year-old-egyptian-seal-in-… ….     Late Bronze age Egyptian seals are still to be picked up from the ground it would seem – a bit like Roman coins in Europe. A hiker on a trip to Karnei Hittin noticed a white object on the ground, obvious to his eye as the ground rock was black basalt. He picked it up and found it was in the shape of a scarab beetle and  had a hieroglyphic inscription. It was later identified as an amulet of a kind common to the LB Levant and dedicated to Thutmose III. Such amulets remained in vogue after his reign but would have ceased at the end of the LB period.

Karnei Hittin, or the Horns of Hattin, is an extinct volcano with twin peaks overlooking the plan of Hattin in Lower Galilee. The seal probably goes back to the time when an Egyptian fort was located at Karnei Hattin, levelled at some later stage (probably at the end of the LB age) and its contents spread around – along with those of various other periods.

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