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Hasan Peker

7 February 2016

Hasan Peker is Turkey's leading expert on Luwian heiroglyphics. In a recent London lecture (February 2016) he told of the discovery in 2015 of the top part of a stele in SE Turkey, dedicated to the goddess Kubaba. Inscribed on the back were some names of kings of Carchemish that it is hoped will fill in the gap as now stands. It mainly concerns the neo-Assyrian period yet it does seem to inhibit how far forwards revisionists might wish to move the end of the LB period. The top of the stele has been discovered but the other lower part of the stele has been in the British Museum since the 19th century. The discovery was published in Actual Archaeology magazine (a Turkish journal but in English, or partly so) volume 15 (autumn 2015).

See the Yahoo New Chronology group. Posted by Bob Porter. All queries can be made directly to Bob – possibly in letter format to the SIS.

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