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2015 warmth

20 February 2016
Climate change

Two pieces explaining the warmth from November to February – El Nino. Go to http://phys.org/print375009187.html … and http://phys.org/print375033372.html … The funny thing here is that it was the super El Nino of 1998 that set the global warming mantra into overdrive – but never acknowledged that the warm spike was a fully natural event. As CAGW went into full swing we may wonder at the connection with the secular apocalypse and the year of 2000AD (a year in which the brain cells go back to a date tuned into full religious mode). Ity seems that what we have here is two natural cycles recurring – one in 1998 and one in 2015 (but that does not stop the faithful from salivating). The CAGW crowd would of course sneer at a connection with 2000 and an apocalypse – but how else might you described the doom saying of global warming?

It is all a bit reminiscent of the fuss made about the Millennium Bug as we again approached the year of 2000. In this instance it wasn't the end of the world that was being prophesied but the end of computer data. It would all be lost if we didn't dip into our pockets and purchase a software update. Whilst many IT people were always sceptical of a bug, saying it was a wheeze dreamt up by some of the software companies to increase their profit margins, you won't find anybody saying they had it wrong. In fact, quite the opposite. The software companies still insist there was a bug -even though all those private individuals and businesses that did not fork out hard currency for the software supposed to have cancelled out the glitch, had no problem whatsoever as their computers tripped over the numbers from 1999 to 2000 (without anything happening). Naturally, all those people who did pay hard currency for a fix would not admit it was all a scam – and still insist there was a problem at 2000AD (otherwise they would have to admit they had been taken for a ride). In that sense we can infer that the warmth of 2015 will not be consigned to a natural event, an El Nino, but will continue to be characterised as further proof of global warming (and the world is on the brink and we are all going to shrivel up, or what ever takes the fancy of your worst dreams).

It that context it is worth noting there was a paper published recently that has been deliberately ignored by the media (such as the BBC) and the CAGW lobby in general. The role of the Sun on the climate at the surface of the Earth is scoffed at by your average Gaia-holics (the co2 obsessed) but this only says more about them and their willingness to 'believe' rather than think things out for themselves. How can the Sun not have a role? It is well established that cooling events are associated with debris in the upper atmosphere (volcanic or meteoric) creating an opaque sky (restricting the warmth of the Sun) and therefore warm periods must be associated also have a connection with the Sun (clean atmosphere in a clean region of space).

The Journal of Atmospheric and Solar Terrestrial Physics has a paper where the scientists show a 'significant relationship' between sun spot activity and El Nino events. So, the Sun is responsible for the warm winter of 2015 – after all.   At http://notrickszone.com/2016/02/19/journal-of-solar-terrestial-physics-p… … we learn that this is the latest in a number of papers that show the sun does have the major role in climate changes – and co2 is not all it is cracked up to be. All is not lost it would seem. There are people out there that have not been bought by the bounty hunters of the renewables industry and the hedge fund managers (and the manipulation of the stock exchanges by the shifting of big bucks around). See also http://notrickszone.com/2016/02/20/new-findings-show-sun-natural-factors…

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