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expanding charon

25 February 2016

Nice one here. You have heard of the expanding universe and the expanding earth theory but now we the claim the moon of Pluton, one Charon, has expanded – and caused the surface to fracture and crack (see http://phys.org/print375129748.html

Meanwhile, at http://phys.org/print375347863.html … astronomers have discovered a spectacular tail of gas more than 200,000 light years across, coming from a nearby galaxy. Do galaxies have tails like comets – on a much larger scale?

Over at http://phys.org/print375437408.html … we have a new theory on how the crust of the Earth forms. Deep under the Aleutian Island arc pressure and temperature are so high, we are told, that rock starts to flow – like a gel. New continental crust forms as the gel congeals – Nature Geoscience Feb 2016. It involves subduction. Magma that solidifies at highly volcanic areas such as island arcs (this is another Plate Tectonics staple, like subduction) is pulled down into the Mantle (where all is soft and jelly like) but rises up again, as it must (according to PT theory) to situate itself at the bottom of such fractures. The process is known as 'relamination' (you'll have to look that up in a dictionary) and goes on to form a hard crust at the edge of continental plates where ocean plates are being pushed downwards beneath the continents. Magma rises to form the volcanic island arc.

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