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magnetic eyes

25 February 2016

Yes, you read that right – magnetic eyes. At http://phys.org/print375443736.html … dogs and primates can sense the earth's magnetic field – with the help of their eyes. In animals cryptochromes controlo the body's circadian rhythms – and the same is true of bacteria and other living things. The magnetic field is used by many animals to orientate and navigate – especially among birds (pigeons spring to mind). A magnetic sense has been found in some insects, fish, reptiles, birds and various other animals but apparently this ability is absent from humans, we are told. New research is now showing that cryptochromes in dogs and humans is sensitve to earth-s magentic field – via the eyes.

Meanwhile, at http://phys.org/print375456976.html … and http://blog.drwile.com/?p=14424 … we learn that honeybee numbers are increasing (in the US, where the decline began). However, this is not the whole story as we learn that the virus is spread by purchasing bees by mail order. In other words, the virus was introduced by bee keepers themselves, buying in bees from outside their own countries. It seems that Dr Wile, and others, have fallen for the honey trap – bee keepers purchasing more bees from Asia in order to make up those lost to the virus – giving the impression numbers have increased. Mail order supplies is done with a click of the mouse. This fact was brought up in comments when the same subject was discussed last week on http://wattsupwiththat.com … which just  goes to show there is extreme value in being sceptical of claims (and they need checking out). 

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