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mainstream catastrophism

27 February 2016

Seems like mainstream catastrophism is getting closer and closer to the age of human kind. At http://phys.org/print375517399.html … we have 'multiple cosmic impacts' at 790,000 years ago – and the consequences were 'dire' we are told. At a localised level there were earthquakes and fires taking place over hundreds of kilmeters – and tsuname waves caused by some of the objects landing in the seas. Dust and gases were ejected into the atmopshere blocking out sunlight and lowering surface temperatures. Biomass producted was also affected- presumably by wild fires and lack of adequate sunlight. The event left a crater on Tasmania and tektite fields in various countires including Canada, Australia, the Americas, Antactica, Madagascar etc. This date, as a matter of interest but not mentioned in the publicity blurb, is close to a magnetic reversal event.

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