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is it melting?

12 March 2016
Climate change

… here is a view of the Antarctic from space. Does it look like it is melting? It seems the Dr Strangelove types involved in CAGW doom mongering are suggesting sea water is thrown on the ice cap to stop rising sea levels – apparently in an attempt to save the world from the melting Antarctic. Have they got their knickers in a twist? If it is melting why do they advocate putting sea water on top of the ice sheet – and if it is not melting why are they making a fuss about rising sea levels. The water can only come from Greenland or the Antartic ice sheets – land glaciers are simply too small to affect ocean levels. It seems to me these guys know very well the Antarctic is not melting and it is all hype to keep their ludicrous theories alive and kicking, adided and abetted by dishonest politicos. Go to http://phys.org/print376911632.html

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