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March Comet

27 March 2016

The March comet is in the news – at http://phys.org/print378114038.htmlhttp://phys.org/print378112389.html … and http://phys.org/print378112444.html … but there is little to report. Both sections sailed right on past the Earth with apparently no effect at all. The comet is green …

      … the comet has an unusual shape, looking something like a brick from one side but the view from the other side is pear shaped. Comet nuclei are as dark as fresh asphalt and this comet reflects just 3 per cent of sunlight. The dark side of comets is preserved in myth around the world, including within the Matter of Britain (which includes various Romance tales). Heroes are very often confronted by figures jet black in hue.

See also www.psi.edu/news/darkcomet2 … and see the Centre for Near Earth Objects (CNEOS) at http://neo.jpl.nasa.gov/

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