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Guy Berthault

14 April 2016

Gary Gilligan sent in an interesting link – www.increasinglearning.com/blog/stratigraphy … and see also www.youtube.com/watch?v=okJzgEZbdVg … The former is a young Creationist web site but it seems that Berthault himself was not so inclined – see www.noanswersingenesis.org.au/berthault_is_yec_henke.htm .. where in response to a post he turns round and says he is not a Creationist. However, this view appears to have spread around mainstream and he is usually criticised on the basis his article is popular on Creationist web sites. This is a pity because he had something useful to say in criticism of one of the geological fundamentals, banding and layering. His theory is that banding deposition was laid down quickly contrary to the mainstream position that supposes such superposition took place over long periods of time. Berthault has many detractors – he argued against a very strong lobby. He has a point that should be considered as he claims superposition takes place in still water – not in flowing water (as in a river) or in tidal waters (as in a shallow sea situation). Berthault showed in a laboratory experiment that multiple layers of rock form simultaneously as a result of natural particle sorting. It is simple when you look at it like that. Next time you are on a walk led by a geologist and he or she shows you the evidence of layering over time you can think about this opposite observation. Has the mainstream position being confirmed by experiment? Gary Gilligan suggests it has not.

See also – www.answersingenesis.com.au/henke_steno.htmwww.answersingenesis.com.au/guy_response_henke.htm … and www.answersingenesis.com.au/questions_berthault_k_henke.htm … sadly, these links may not work but that is down to the web site itself. Once you are on the www.answersingenesis.com.au … web site you can scroll down the menu to articles and then look for those with Berthault in the title. There are four of them.

You may also like to go to Berthault's web site at www.sedimentology.fr … which has articles in both English and French (depending where they were published). Click on the link to 'papers' and you will find a nice collection that you can download and print out. Further research on Berthault should also be included in order to try and understand his motivations for becoming embroiled in this controversy. On the face of it he is a serious researcher – but dig below the skin and you might find he has a predesigned mission. All a matter of opinion I suppose. If you believe the Biblical flood is a reality you will take Berthault onboard. If not you will be sceptical of his research and papers. I'm not offering an opinion.

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