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Climate updates

26 May 2016
Climate change

At http://finance.yahoo.com/news/scientists-making-own-clouds-found-1746000… … refers to a paper in Nature by CERN scientists and the subject is secondary particles. These were thought to be almost totally derived from human activity but the climate scientists had it altogether wrong it would seem as the new paper seems to show that secondary particles have been with us all the time – long before the scare was a pipedream in a politico's navel. Secondary particles bombard our atmosphere on a daily basis and are also produced by vapour released by trees.

At http://phys.org/print383024091.html …. a climate feedback site designed to counter the anti CAGW message if it rears its head at any point in the media. Instant denial – instant info at the fingertips of activists. See the same story at www.usnews.com/news/articles.2016-05-23/this-website-lets-scientists-cou… … but critics arge the website is heavily politicised with a strong CAGW agenda.

See also www.investors.com/politics/commentary/the-truth-warming-alarmists-dont-w… … which is how unreliable the models actually are

See also https://cosmosmagazine.com/earth-sciences/why-antarcticas-sea-ice-spread… … is the story that activists have been ignoring for the last several years as it counters their Arctic propaganda. Whilst this illustrates the political nature of the global warming debate it also shows how lobbyists can hide evidence from their activist allies, pulling the wool over their eyes. Having said that most alarmists are probably well aware it is all bunkum but they have signed up to the politics driving the climate debate as it is a way, they think, of bulldozing through their political 'enlightenment' on the general populace who have other problems to worry about. Instead of endless meetings into the wee small hours that puts off anyone with children or a life outside politics, the usual way these things work, they have developed an endless stream of negativity. It works – or has until now. Whether it will still work indefinitely is another thing – but so far it is very successful.


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